Welcome to Abu Baqr Salukis!

We have had Salukis since 1976, our first litter (litter A) was born 1992 out of S & N Ch Zera 'Ati El Achet Aton & S Ch Baklava's Jojoba. Two in this litter stayed at home: SCh Abu Baqr's Amesha Spenta & SCh Abu Baqr's Ana Hita. Ana Hita was the first Saluki in Sweden to recieve the Swedish KennelClub's working/breed prize. Litter B was born 1997 and three of these stayed at home, SCh Abu Baqr's Ba Mazeh, JWW-98 SCh Abu Baqr's Bamdad Bejad & SCh Abu Baqr's Babrack, both Ba Maze & Babrack has now sadly left us.... And so it all went on and we have had 8 Saluki litters untill today, you can read more of them all on the "Litters" page

Who are we then?

I am Benita Svensson and my doughter Jill Byström is co owner of the kennel, I'm living in Uppsala a bit north of Swedens capitol Stockholm, Jill lives in Tierp a little bit from Uppsala. I have 4 Salukis at home right now, 4 bitches, JWW-98 SCh Abu Baqr's Bamdad Bejad, Abu Baqr's Charda Hum, LT Club Winner-04 Abu Baqr's Ellah Zamzane & Sch Abu Baqr's Ghovara Hamise. Jill has 2 Salukis SCh Abu Baqr's Durbin Dustar & Abu Baqr's Hazzeleh and co owns Abu Baqr's Hamhame on breeding terms, 1 Afghanhound: Xciting The Devil Wears Armani, 4 Chihuahuas: Small Is Beautiful's Touchy Hedvig, SW-09 SCh Xciting Miss Dinah Might, Small Is Beautiful's Dr Snuggles & Small Is Beautiful's I Don't Mind she also have 1 Kooikerhondje: SCh Fagayas Hilti Af Jelon. Jill is the breeder of the Chihuahua litters

Breeding and litters

As you can see we are not "big" breeders , we have had a couple of litters during the years, all the dogs are living inside with us and are family members. The Saluki puppies are named with Persian or Arabic names and all names has it's meaning, like Ghazal Ghaliya, it means Lovely lovepoem, Ghaliya also means fragrant. The litters are named from the alphabet and we begun with A so now we are up with the letter H on the next litter. Jill is also breeding from her Chihuahuas.
For Abu Baqr's Ana Hita we have been awarded a prize for breeding of workingdogs. She was the FIRST Saluki to receiving this prize.

BREED : Saluki
OWNER : Benita Svensson

From our few litters through the years we have nor less than 13 Champions and a lot of CC winners

Interested of Saluki or Chihuahua?

Are you curious of the breed or our plans and/or having some questions, don't hesitate to contact us, you can find our contact information on the page "Contact", give us a call or send an e-mail and we will answer you as soon as we can.